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May 22, 2024

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Nicole Hause in London, 2014

Nicole Hause in London, 2014

Interview with the professional skateboarder Nicole Hause

I’ve dealt with mental health. I didn’t really realize it until I went through a bad break up and then I flipped into kind of a depression.

So, I started researching and kind of figuring out why you might be reacting to certain things. And why you might feel the way you do sometimes, and how to, you know, cope with those feelings, more than push them away with whatever you know, substance abuse, or whatever it might be.

Looking back, I even see it in my family. But it’s not diagnosed the same way, you know, or back then I guess it was looked at like, not really something to fix. It’s just something to name, ‘Oh, he’s had depression’, or ‘he’s an alcoholic’, but there’s no system around what that means.

So, I feel like I can see the generations of it, and I feel good in where we’re at that point where so many more people are doing therapy.

I’ve done therapy and learned about myself a lot more and about my family’s past and how those translate into who I am today, and how you can kind of stop it in its tracks and start a new way to look at it. A way to deal with things that are hard to talk about.

My family is very open and honest, but it’s also something that you don’t mention. There’s depression, or there’s alcoholism, it’s, ‘Oh, yeah, it’s that. But it’s fine. Everything is fine.’

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